Nintendo is Sorry If You Can't Log in to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've picked up Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp this week since its worldwide release, you may have had a little trouble getting into the game on a regular basis. From issues booting the game up, to error messages when going from area to area in game, server overloads have made the game's launch week a little unreliable to access. Considering the game needs an internet connection to do absolutely anything, inability to connect to the server is a big barrier to play.

Nintendo are aware of the launch server issues, and have as a result awarded players who log into the game during the next month (by December 23rd) 20 free leaf tickets, the game's premium currency which can be purchased with real money, or earned by reaching achievement milestones in game. They do however note that the issue is not yet totally fixed.