Dwarf Fortress Update Adds Rescue Missions and Fake Identities

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Dwarf Fortress, a seriously feature-rich tactics game presented via ASCII art, has just received its first major update in almost a year and a half. Called the Artifact Release, it's quite a chunky update, so strap yourself in and let's dig under the surface of what's new.

Dwarf Fortress now contains raid sites — locations that players can investigate to rescue prisoners and recover valuable artefacts, which should add a whole new set of tasks for players to do in their worlds.

The update also makes it easier to mod pets and other animals, improves the quality of Kobold site maps, and most interestingly, it allows players to take on differing false identities in order to mislead NPCs. By going into the menu you can activate or dismiss an identity, and NPCs will treat you differently based on who you've presented yourself to be. This opens up potential easier or more challenging routes through problems depending on if you approach a problem from a favourable position.

As someone who dips in and out of Dwarf Fortress every now and then, I know I'll be getting my hands dirty rooting around in this new update for sure.