Behold the Finest Black Friday Gaming Deals

By Rich Stanton on at

Remember remember the 24th of November, for fine gaming deals we have got. Yes mine merry gentlefolk, it is that time again, the marketer-mandated fake date of BLACK FRIDAY! No it doesn't involve plague, corpse wagons or death. It's all about fat discounts on stuff you want but don't really need! Are we hyped? HYPED?

I am Dr Hype, and I bring you the medicine of discounts. Follow my magic links, and let's spend that pound as if it were going to seriously devalue on international markets:


Xbox One S with Fallout 4, DOOM, Minecraft, Forza 7, and Star Wars Battlefront II – £210 from Currys

*head explodes* well that was a good start. You really can't argue with this, two big recent releases, Minecraft which everyone loves, and two great titles in Doom and Fallout 4.

Xbox One S 500GB Console: Shadow of War Bundle + Star Wars Battlefront 2 – £199 at Amazon

Orcs! Stormtroopers! Orcs and Stormtroopers! Not quite as value-packed as the above, but for less than two hundred smackers, you get two of this year's biggies and the platform to play 'em on.

Xbox One S 500GB Assassins Creed Bundle + Star Wars Battlefront II + Now TV 2 Month Entertainment Pass – £199.99 from GAME

If you prefer ancient Egypt to Middle-earth, and who doesn't, ponying up the extra 99p lets you make the switch from the above deal. 2 months of Now TV isn't bad either, you could mainline Westworld on Boxing Day.

Xbox One S 1TB Assassins Creed, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA 18, and 3 months of Xbox Live – £229.99 from Tesco

Holy schmokes! No that's not a typo, it's my lip-flapping astonishment at a bundle for the true bargain hunter. The terabyte hard drive is a very nice extra, AssCreed and FIFA 18 gives you two of the year's biggies, and Rainbow Six: Siege is brilliant. This deal is extremely not-bad.

Xbox One S 1TB with Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels, Call of Duty: WWII, Gears of War 4, and The LEGO Movie – £269.99 from Zavvi

The whopping 1 terabyte model with a great racer, this year's COD, and the highly serviceable Gears 4 – plus the hilarious Lego movie. It's a bit of an odd combo, for sure, but no arguing with the price.


PS4 500GB including FIFA 18,  GT Sport, Fallout 4, and Knowledge is Power - £199.99 from PC World

I'll be honest, I have no clue what Knowledge is Power is, but a PS4 Slim with Fifa, Gran Turismo and Fallout for just shy of £200 is a pretty good deal.

PS4 500GB including Call of Duty WW2, That's You, Dishonored 2, Fallout 4, and NOW TV 2 Month sub – £229.99 from GAME

This is what my great-grandfather fought for: reasonably priced consumer goods. COD:WW2 gives you this year's blockbuster shootyman experience, I've no idea what That's You is all about, and Dishonored 2 is a classic. Add on Fallout 4 and you won't need to buy another game for months.

PS4 500GB bundle with CoD WW2, That's You, extra Dualshock 4 and NOW TV 2 month sub – £249.99

Not quite as eye-catching as the above but, if local multiplayer is more important to you than giant singleplayer adventures, this might be just the alternative you're after.

PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro 1TB with FIFA 18, Call of Duty WWII and 2 months of NOW TV – £299.99 from Game

Doth mine eyes deceive me? Three hundred big ones can get you many things – a round of drinks in London, for example – but few uses of such cash would please the gods of value like this. A terabyte PS4 Pro, this year's COD and FIFA, and a few months of telly to boot.

PS4 Pro with Call of Duty WWII and Gran Turismo Sport – £299 from Very

Now that's what I'm talking about! The 4K, the COD, the freewheeling driving fantasy – and all in a machine that can also play BLOODBORNE.

PS4 Pro with FIFA 18 and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy – £299 from Currys

PS4 Pro with COD:WW2, FIFA 18 and Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy – £329.99 from Currys

This is N.Sane! OK, it's just a discounted PS4 Pro which is well within the bounds of sanity, but with FIFA 18 and the nostalgiafest of Crash Bandicoot, it will fair warm the mental cockles of anyone lucky enough to be on the receiving end. If you fancy driving them wild with lust, add this year's COD: WW2 for an extra thirty smackers.

Playstation VR

Playstation VR Headset with PlayStation Camera, VR Worlds and Gran Turismo Sport – £249.99 at Very

If you've been looking to get into VR but the £400 tier pricing puts you off, you might call this a Very good deal! Ahahahaha, nice one.


The one we all want is the one where, sadly, discounts are very hard to come by. Personally I have a lot of respect for Nintendo's long-term approach to pricing their products, which runs counter to the wider industry's unhealthy yo-yo between pre-orders and massive discounts post-launch, but that's not much use when you're doing Black Friday gubbins is it.

Neon Switch + Mario Odyssey - £279.99 (3PM UK Start, Expect Limited Stock)

Amazon UK are dropping the price of a Neon Switch and Mario Odyssey to £279.99 at 3PM UK today, with stock expected to sell out fast. This is a Neon switch and separate physical copy of Odyssey, not the Odyssey system bundle with red Joy-Cons.

Nintendo Switch with Rayman Legends Definitive Edition – £289.99

Rayman Legends is pretty great even if it's no Mario Odyssey, and grey Switches are cool.

Nintendo Switch with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle - £279.99

The cheapest bundle we've seen for the Switch with a game, available in Grey or Neon for the same price.

Neon Switch with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – £309.99 at GAME

Nothing spectacular but solid value here, and if you'd prefer Mario Odyssey to BOTW there's another bundle through the link at the same price.

Switch Mario Odyssey Limited Edition Console with Rayman Legends and LEGO Worlds: Special Edition – £359.99 from GAME

The Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, and two other kiddy-suitable titles for £360 is a Christmas megabargain. If your rugrats have been pestering for a Switch, and you've decided to splash the cash, this offers more gametime-per-pound than you'll get elsewhere.

Nintendo Switch Super Mario Odyssey Edition plus Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – £329.99 at Tesco

This is probably the best value Switch deal around at the moment. For £330 you get the limited edition red Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey, and the surprisingly great Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle to boot.

Build your own Switch bundle – £329.99 at Nintendo store

Buy direct from Nintendo, and Mr Kimishima silently smiles at the other side of the world. Let's get down to brass tacks here, if you want a Switch you're going to be paying £300-ish anyway, and rather than a pre-made selection this lets you choose the console colour, the game, and includes the official case. The gentleman's choice.

Nintendo Switch Mario Mega Bundle – £379.99 at the Nintendo Store

If you're focused on Mario goodness then this offering gets you a neon Switch console, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a Black Nintendo Switch Hard Pouch, two Mario Hats, a Mario Joy-Con Wheel and a Luigi Joy-Con Wheel. It's-a bargain! Sorry.

Nintendo Switch Hyrule Rider Pack – £359.99 at the Nintendo Store

Breath of the Wild is still the absolute tits, and this deal gets you the console and game, plus the Link (Rider) amiibo and the black hard pouch.

The Games

Yaaaasss, the main event! I don't really like reading through massive lists of recently released games with £2 off, so we're not gonna do that here. All of these games are heavily discounted, and I'll tell you when they're belters. The deal of all deals on this Black Friday, incidentally, is surely...

Bloodborne Game of the Year edition – £15.99 on PS Store (PS+ required)

Game of the year? Game of all time more like, amirite. Hidetaka Miyazaki and Fromsoft's masterpiece of cosmic horror is an all-timer, and at this price it's genuine theft. You should be up in front of a judge.

PS4 Games

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen – £11.99 on PS Store (PS+ required)

Dragon's Dogma is big, beautiful, and even better in this remastered version which refines the original's few flaws.

Final Fantasy XV – £15.99 on PS Store (PS+ required)

Not my cup of tea, but some think Square Enix's colossal ten-years-in-the-making JRPG is the mutt's nuts. At this price, it's worth a shot.

For Honor Deluxe Edition – £18.89 on PS Store (PS+ required)

A huge reduction on Ubi's up-close competitive brawler, which has only gotten better since release. There isn't much else like For Honor, and this is a pretty good deal.

Knack 2 – £14.99 on PS Store (PS+ required)

Knack is WHACK. That's good, right? Well, I dunno, but some people seem to like it and half price on such a recent release is not be sniffed at.

Destiny 2 - £19.99 on Amazon

Want to understand who Xur is and why folk keep trying to find them? now's your chance.

Nioh – £20.99 (PS+ required)

Team Ninja's triumphant next step after Ninja Gaiden makes you into a Ninja GAIJIN, and is jolly good fun.

Sniper Elite 4 – £14.99 (PS+ required)

If you like shooting heads in slow motion and watching them explode like gory watermelons, this is the best £15 you will ever spend.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY edition – £13.99 (PS+ required)

Brilliant game, and if you haven't played it then £14 is a dream price.

Uncharted: the Nathan Drake Collection – £14.99 (PS+ required)

Three ginormous and very good games for £15, if you're purely out for as much game as you can get for your quids, then this is quite the offer.

Yakuza Kiwami – £21.49 at Amazon UK

Yakuza is bonkers, this is the latest one, and as a prequel to the whole shebang it's the perfect place to start. At this price, it's creeping up on your best intentions like

Xbox One games

Doom – £9.49 at Argos

Blow away demons for less than a tenner. In truth I think this game's overrated, but it is fun and this seems the right kind of price.

The Division – £9.49 at Argos

Ubi's open-world-em-up has a so-so rep, but is actually enormous fun if you get into it with a buddy, and much improved after a slightly shaky release.

Fallout 4 – £9.49 at Argos

Another Bethesda shonkfest that everyone thinks is better than sliced bread, but at this price it's worth ignoring the rough edges.

Dishonored 2 – £9.49 at Argos

A beautiful game at a beautiful price.


I Am Setsuna – £17.99 on eShop

Slim pickings on Switch discounts software-wise, at least for the moment. But here's a JRPG that the Kotaku UK hivemind describes as "nice" at 40% off, and take it from me as an experienced Nintendo bargain hunter – this may be as good as it gets. We'll update if we spot any more good Switch software deals, but you can find a full list of eShop discounts here.

Nintendo 3DS

The 3DS eShop sale has a tonne of high-quality titles that are mostly at half-price. To get these deals you'll also need a My Nintendo account (which can be created here) linked to your eShop account. This article lists every 3DS title that has a discount on eShop.

Bravely Default (3DS) – was £39.99, now £19.99

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) – was £39.99, now £19.99

Ever Oasis (3DS) – was £34.99, now £24.49

Mario Sports Superstars (3DS) – was £34.99, now £17.49

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – was £39.99, now £19.99

Monster Hunter Generations – was £39.99, now £19.99

Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – was £39.99, now £19.99

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy – was £39.99, now £19.99

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask – was £39.99, now £19.99

Rhythm Paradise Megamix – was £24.99, now £12.49

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes – was £34.99, now £17.49

Ultimate NES Remix – was £34.99, now £17.49


Dead Space 1 & 2 – £3.74 at Steam

You can also pick up either for £2.49: the first is an all-time horror great, the sequel doesn't quite hit those heights but is very good indeed. Serious now, original Dead Space is *chefkiss.gif* – if you like Resi 4 and haven't tried this, it holds up really well.

Europa Universalis IV – £8.79 at Steam

The grand daddy of the strategy genre, if you get into it then this game will last you forever. And if you're not quite sure then this is a big enough discount off the usual £35 asking price that it may be worth finding out.

Steamworld Dig – £1.39 on Steam

Great 2D platformer in the Metroidvania style, I know there are tonnes but this is one of the real gems. And at £1.40? I mean, that barely gets you a bottle of coke in the real world.

Naturally Lord Gaben's cup runneth over with discount juice, and much more will splash out over the next few days – you can see Steam's special offers here.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice – £18.79 at GOG

It's only 25% off but the game is GREAT and you won't get it cheaper elsewhere, unless Gaben decides to make a fool of me.

Sir, You Are Being Hunted – £1.59 at GOG

A spiffing price for a jolly jaunt, this casts you as a panicked human fleeing well-spoken killer robots across procedurally generated islands.

Good Old Games has a whole bunch of discounts, with the name containing a clue as to the site's schtick. I'm not going to list 8 pages of old PC games going from 99p upwards, but if you're into stuff like the Bullfrog classics, maybe a little bit of the old Thief games or Alpha Centauri, then there are Black Friday bargains aplenty to be had at their sale page.

Planet Coaster – £13.49 at Humble

I'm ashamed to say I've never played this one, but I always liked Rollercoaster Tycoon and that's basically what this is, except probably much better.

Rocket League – £7.49 at Humble

The game of all time for seven forty nine! You cannot beat Rocket League, it's simply delicious, and makes this kind of price a mega bargain.

Grand Theft Auto V – £19.99 at Humble

Not a sensational price, but that's because games of this quality tend to hold their value – and the scale and detail of GTAV is like nothing else. It really is all that and a bag of chips.

Dark Souls III – £15.99 at Humble

Peach of a game, still very active online, and will keep you playing well into next year. Dark Souls never needed a sequel, nevermind two, but at least it went out with a bang.

The 4K TVs

Phwoar! I'm so hot I'm melting at the thought of all these 4K consoles. What's that, grasshopper? You need a screen to play them on? Say no more: prepare for thine eyes to explode at a cornucopia of totally essential visual fidelity. Banish that blur and ride with me into a new age!

Samsung 49 Inch 49MU6220 – £499 from Argos

Curved 4K UHD Smart TV with HDR: Be sucked into your gaming worlds with this incredible curved TV that will no doubt feel like you're in whichever videogame you're playing (hopefully not a scary one).

Hisense 4K TV 43” – £329 from Argos

If you didn’t think it was possible to get a 4K TV for just over £300, meet the 4K Hisense H50N5300 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

Hisense 4K TV 50” – £379 from Argos

If you want to go a little bigger for your living room and make the most of all those extra 4K pixels, the same series goes up to 50” for an extra 50 quid.

Hisense 4K TV 55” – £479

EVEN 50 INCHES IS NOT ENOUGH?!? Let’s do this: 55 big ones, count 'em, and you'll still have change from £500.

Hisense 4K TV 65” – £799

OK this is just silly now. And it's not really a bargain at that price, but I couldn't not include the 65 inch version.

LG 43"4K HDR TV – £369 from Currys

If you're looking to go 4K and HDR without breaking the bank, look no further than the 43UJ634V from LG. With a saving of £280 grab it now for only £369 from Currys.

LG 49" 4K HDR TV – £499 from Currys

To fully appreciate 4K you want to go as big as you can afford but also bear in mind that you don't always have unlimited space. The 49" LG 49UK701V meets you nicely in the middle and has a saving of £250 from the RRP.

Panasonic 55" 4K HDR TV – £629 from Currys

If go big or go home is your approach to TVs, consider the Panasonic TX-55EX580B for all your PS4 Pro and Xbox One X multi-pixel needs. This 4K screen has a current saving of £160 when you buy it at Currys for £629.

Toshiba 43" 4K TV – £329 from Amazon

If you're after high-res at a low price, and aren't too fussed about HDR, the Toshiba 43U5766DB might well be what you're looking for. Currently down 31% from £479, you can pick it up for £329.

Toshiba 49" 4K TV – £379 at Amazon

Looking for the same criteria as above, but have a little more room to play with? Looking for fill that space with screen? We don't blame you. The 49U5766DB is your solution. You can save 31% when you buy it for £379.

Toshiba 55" 4K TV – £439 from Amazon

Like the previous two, but live in a colossal sky palace with walls too big for any smaller TV to fill? Fear nor. The Toshiba 55U5766DB has you covered. This price saves £160.99.

I know what you're thinking. Do I really need this? Really? If it's a Switch then go on, you've been good this year.