There's a Bunch of New Stages, Modes, and Gear Coming to Splatoon 2

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Nintendo hasĀ been really good this year about bringing new content, for free, to gamesĀ like Arms and Splatoon 2. Today we got a trailer for a new pair of Splatoon 2 updates, and they're certainly packed with stuff to do.

Let's break the updates down by when they roll out. A software update Friday November 24th will add 140 (!) new pieces of gear to the game, introduce new hairstyles for your inkling, allow you to use amiibo to pose inklings for photos, and finally add a much requested feature, the ability to switch gear between battles without having to completely exit the lobby. Thank goodness, you can finally just tweak your weapon loadout without completely losing the group you were playing with.

Friday's update will also raise the level cap from 50 to 99, as well as giving players who hit the new level cap an option to reset to level one (with a star next to it) and start leveling all over again.

Also, Friday's update will add in a new Salmon Run stage called Salmonid Smokeyard, where players are expected to use trange wires in the air to quickly cross a beach between two platforms.

On Saturday November 25th, Splatoon 2 will be getting a new standard multiplayer map called MakoMart, set inside a supermarket. It's quite certainly the most distinctive level I've seen added to the game.

At some point in the near future, a new stage called Shellendorf Institute, which appears to be a museum of sorts, will be added, alongside returning stages Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall.

On top of that, an update in mid December will apparently add a new mode called Clam Blitz, where teams compete to collect clams, and deposit them in a basket near the enemy team base. Players will be required to destroy a barrier before depositing clams, and clams not yet deposited can be destroyed with ink.

As someone who picked the game up at launch, I'm pleased to see so much new stuff coming at us months after release.