Pokémon Go Will Unlock Farfetch'd Worldwide After 3 Billion Catches

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're a Pokémon Go player outside of Asia, you've likely got at least one empty spot in your Gen 1 Pokédex in the form of Farfetch'd, a regional exclusive Pokémon for Asia which has not been made available to worldwide players before. The little duck is elusive to many, and thankfully there may finally be a way for players in the rest of the world to get him soon.

As part of a new Global Catch Challenge, players worldwide will have their captures totalled up, and receive rewards based on how many Pokémon of every shape and size are captured.

While the Bronze and Silver rewards are nice, the Gold reward is what I'm talking about. The ability to capture a Pokémon not normally available in your region is a big draw for many players. Also, all reward tiers discuss "More Pokémon Appearing Globally", which should help with managing to hit those targets faster as the week progresses.

The challenge will be running until Sunday November 26th, at which time Farfetch'd will be available globally for 48 hours if the top target is reached. In under 48 hours, the 500 million target has been reached, meaning that the first set of rewards has already been unlocked.

Come on trainers, I believe in you, catch all those Pokémon so we can finally get Farfetch'd.