Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Out Now in Europe [Updated]

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Around a month after Nintendo's Animal CrossingPocket Camp released on iOS and Android in Australia, the game is now finally available for download and play in Europe.

The game, which tasks players with managing a campsite rather than a single village, features many of the same core mechanics as standard Animal Crossing games, but is free to play and encourages players to spend money in order to speed up the rate at which larger attractions are built for your campsite.

You can download the game for iOS here and for Android here. If you're wondering whether it's worth getting excited about, well, you can read some of our finest words on the game.

UPDATE: It looks like the servers worldwide are getting absolutely hammered by this launch, as millions of us rush to sign up for a cheery life of indentured servitude. It'll probably settle down soon enough, but if you're getting errors like the below then that's why.