We're Reading The Complete History of Civilization

By Rich Stanton on at

For a game that can't spell its own name, Civilization hasn't done too badly. I'm all about the cultural victory, that's right, ballet-dancing over bewildered scientists' heads to world domination and a future filled with chin-stroking.

It is one of those series that, whichever entry you're playing, goes from swallowing hours to swallowing days. There's always something new to learn, a trick you've never seen before or an AI quirk that comes out of nowhere.

So it's interesting to read about! And our sister site PC Gamer today published a comprehensive article from Fraser Brown that claims to be no less than THE COMPLETE HISTORY, going over the series from inception to the present day. It's full of the kind of lines that you only really get from the video game industry, like this pearl from Civilization 2 designer Brian Reynolds: "How do you make a sequel to a game that covered all of human history?”

Yes, I know it's the American spelling, and whatever Sid Meier says goes. But come on, are we civilised or what?