Uncharted Gets Some 10th Anniversary Trinkets

By Rich Stanton on at

Hasn't Nathan Drake come a long way? A mere ten years ago we were quipping in one breath and blowing away dozens of goons the next, and recently we've been... well, yes. Over that time Naughty Dog's cheeky chappie has become one of PlayStation's biggest first party attractions, with the original trilogy of games more or less the PlayStation 3's backbone.

And I'm being a little unkind with my jokes about the series not progressing. Uncharted 4 had a smart framing device that suggested much of Nate's past is a little exaggerated, which aligned neatly with the more grown-up man he seemed to be, while Uncharted: The Lost Legacy delivered a cracking yarn where he barely figured.

Anyway, yesterday marked the series' 10th anniversary and, to celebrate, Naughty Dog and Sony have made a nice video, which I'll stick at the end. On top of this, there's a bunch of stuff to download on PSN and more celebrations promised at PlayStation Experience. Don't get too excited about the freebies, it's themes, profile pics, avatars, that kind of stuff. But hey, as Sully might say, why ya complainin' about free?