Develop is Being Absorbed by MCV [Updated]

By Rich Stanton on at

The London-based Develop magazine and website is to be subsumed into the MCV brand, owners Newbay Media announced today. Develop has been running for over a decade and the magazine remains the only developer-focused publication in Europe (the site is more consumer-oriented in approach). As part of the same process, esports pro will also become part of MCV.

Develop enjoyed a high reputation within the industry, and announced the news itself.

From January 2018, MCV, Develop & esports pro will exist as one entity, under the banner of MCV, with one bigger monthly magazine, one mobile optimised, new look website including new jobs platform, and a suite of events tailored for the industry. This structure will better reflect the changing nature of the games industry, while continuing to highlight the latest trends across publishing, development, eSports, and everything in between.

The new MCV Uber Alles will be headed up by current editor Seth Barton, who says:

“MCV is evolving to become one brand for the entire UK games industry [...] It will help everyone make better informed business decisions, and provide an independent and trusted platform for the industry to communicate through.”

The end of an outlet, even if it's being absorbed into something else, is always sad news. Develop was a distinct publication that wore its B2B side lightly, often scoring big interviews and getting great access to studios. MCV is more explicitly B2B in focus and carries a different style of article. Clearly we'll have to wait and see how this change shakes out.

Brand mergers like this nearly always involve job losses, a topic avoided by the company representatives commenting on the news. I've asked for clarification on whether this is the case, and will update with any response.

Farewell then, Develop and esports pro, and thoughts to any staff affected.

UPDATE: MCV provided the following statement –

"We are currently consulting with the team about the new structure; we are not announcing any changes today but we do anticipate a slight reduction in headcount as a result of these changes. However we cannot confirm numbers at the moment."