Superflight Is Super Great, and Cheaper Than a Cup of Coffee

By Tim Rogers on at

Superflight is a simple game about a complicated action—wingsuit flight. You score points for almost touching obstacles. If you touch anything, it’s game over. The playground mountain levels are procedurally assembled. It’s beautiful and endlessly entertaining. I made a video about it. This video is 4K and 60fps, if you watch it on our YouTube channel!

After playing Superflight for the purposes of making this video, I put it on my 65-inch TV at home and played it in its 4K, 60fps glory. I did not throw up on myself, though maybe I will if I try again tonight.

Superflight is rated “Overwhelmingly Positive” on Steam right now, which gives me faith that World Peace will definitely happen someday. And it’s only £2.09, which is cheaper than a bad cup of coffee (at least in London, anyway).