Here Are The Xbox One X's Japanese "Sellout" Sales Figures

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Last week, the Xbox One X sold out at stores in Japan. Since retailers were only filling pre-orders and there weren’t lines, it was hard to tell how the console did. Famitsu’s sale figures shed light on the situation.

Below are “sell out” launch day photos Twitter user Kaztsu took in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

Via Famitsu, here are hardware sales numbers for the week of November 6 to November 12.

Nintendo Switch - 84,593 units

PlayStation 4 - 23,613 units

New Nintendo 2DS XL - 10,935 units

New Nintendo 3DS - 6,576 units

PlayStation 4 Pro - 6,028 units

PlayStation Vita - 3,023 yen

Xbox One X - 1,639 units

Nintendo 2DS - 1,176 units

Xbox One S - 49 units

PlayStation 3 - 38 units

Wii U - 32 units

That’s not too bad! But damn, the Nintendo Switch keeps flying off store shelves in Japan. The Wii U? Notsomuch.