Super Bomberman R Just Got a Bunch of New Free Content

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When Super Bomberman R launched alongside the Switch at the beginning of this year, none of the pre-release advertising talked about any kind of post release support, but since the game came out it has routinely received new costumes, maps and modes as free updates. Today, yet another batch of free content dropped for the game, and it's a surprisingly beefy batch of stuff.

Today's new update adds Grand Prix mode, a 3 v 3 mode which is apparently aimed at some kind of future competitive play uses, Crystal Matches which task players with collecting crystals (half of your total is lost if you are hit with a bomb), a new World 7 story and bosses, new maps, pets, and nine new characters.

The new characters added to the game include Goemon Bomber, Dracula Bomber, Princess Tomato Bomber, Bubble Head Bomber, Option Bomber, Shiori Fujisaki Bomber, Jehuty Bomber, Anubis Bomber, And Reiko Bomber.

Konami also announced that, more than six months on, the free updates for the game are not yet done, with more planned for the future. I must say Konami, this is some really impressive post launch support.