Cuphead is Apparently "Guaranteed" an Eventual Follow Up

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Considering Cuphead managed to sell a million copies during its first two weeks on sale, the fact that a second Cuphead game might be on the cards shouldn't be a huge surprise to anyone, but in an interview with IGN this week, developers Chad and Jared Moldenhauer confirmed that the franchise will return in the future.

"Guaranteed you'll see Cuphead [again] at some point, but as far as, like, what are we distinctly doing next? There's been zero time to actually breath or think"

"I did promise a long time ago Cuphead Horse Racer 2 in an interview"

So, while a Cuphead sequel may not be directly on the cards for the immediate future, you can expect to see that semi-spherical-headed hero back escaping deals with the devil again someday soon.