Guillermo Del Toro is Seeing Death Stranding Gameplay in the Next Few Weeks

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima's first project since departing Konami, Death Stranding, has been a mystery for the roughly 18 months since it was revealed back at E3 2016. So far only shown off in a couple of heavily produced CGI trailers, we currently have no real idea what the game itself is actually like.

Apparently, even if we have not seen progress on the game publically, behind closed doors there are sections available in a playable state. According to an interview with director Guillermo Del Toro conducted by IGN, he will be seeing it in the next few weeks.

In Death Stranding I’m just a puppet. I don’t know what he’s gonna make me do. He’s supposedly going to show me the gameplay at some point in the next couple of weeks.

Considering Death Stranding is pencilled in for a 2018 release, and the game is far enough along to be shown to Del Toro, it is possible Kojima is gearing up for a gameplay reveal in the coming weeks. I personally hope so, because I am super curious what this game actually is. I know Del Toro's character steals babies from Norman Reedus (?), but that's very little to base theories about the game on.