Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is Joining Tekken 7's Roster Soon

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Earlier this year, Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harade ran a poll asking which character fans would most like to see added as DLC to Tekken 7. An overwhelming majority asked to see Yakuza's Kiryu added to the game. As such, it should come as no surprise that... oh... hang on a second...

Turns out, the next character coming to Tekken 7 is actually Final Fantasy XV's dethroned teenage prince, Noctis.

His addition to Tekken 7 is interesting, as he's the first non-fighting game character to be added to the roster. From the trailer above, it looks like Noctis will have access to warp strikes and sword switching abilities. There's also a Final Fantasy XV stage coming along with him, containing lots of nods to the game in background elements.

It's unclear exactly when Noctis will be added to the game, but when he is, I'll be very interested to see how his faster and more agile style of movement blends with the typically slower and heavier hitting Tekken style of combat.