Nintendo Wants to Ship 30 Million Switch Units Next Year

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As part of a recent earnings announcement, Nintendo chief executive Tatsumi Kimishima stated that the company is ramping up Switch production during the next financial year. The intention? To ship between 25-30 million Nintendo Switch consoles between April 2018 and April 2019.

The move suggests a big leap in confidence from Nintendo, who more than doubled its expected first year sales for the system. While there had been many industry fears around overall console power and price, a strong year of software releases spread out at regular intervals, alongside unexpected excitement for the hybrid nature of the system, has helped put the Switch in a position to outsell the lifetime sales of the Wii U by the end of its first year.

One of the aspects that apparently caught Nintendo off guard was the system being seen by many as a handheld device over a home console, which took it from a one-per-household prospect to a device that multiple individuals in a home might want their own of.

If Nintendo sells through the majority of that second year production, it would put the console's sales ahead of the 30.2 million PS4 units sold within the first two years of its release.