All Walls Must Fall Celebrates Fall of Berlin Wall By Collapsing in Price

By Rich Stanton on at

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, which began on 9 November 1989. All Walls Must Fall is a game about a future Berlin where the wall never fell, developed by the Berlin studio inbetweengames, and to celebrate the date is half price for a week (making it £5.49 on Steam).

Now, I don't get out of bed to write about discounts on just any old game. All Walls Must Fall has ideas, style, and the excellent Matt Wales loved his time with it:

All Walls Must Fall unfolds in an alternate-timeline version of future Berlin, caught in an endless temporal loop of nocturnal Cold War espionage and bohemian dance floor decadence. It’s a time-shifting tactical shooter with a fascinating core premise that, despite surface similarities to other titles, is quite unlike anything I’ve played in recent times.

I have another motive. Naturally, the first thing anyone thinks of with the Berlin Wall is David Hasselhoff. Is it true, did he end the Cold War? Last year we attended a bizarre Call of Duty press conference starring the Hoff, and below is the bit where he talks about East Germany as his 'Elvis period.' Really.

Journalist: I'm from Germany and, obviously you know everyone in Germany loves the Hoff [...] would you like to be the German president?

David Hasselhoff: I'd probably win. It's bizarre. I don't want to be president Hoff. Right now, I'd rather run for president of the United States. I've no idea what's going on in our country. I don't know if anyone does. Even now, eight or nine days from the election.

The best thing about being in Germany is the fans are amazing. [...] It's been an amazing ride over there. Especially with the Berlin Wall: being asked by National Geographic to do a special – it's really a cool special, if you ever get a chance and you like National Geographic, you'll love this – it really tells the story of the Berlin Wall and tells what everyone went through. I was honoured because I could go into East Germany before the wall came down. That was what I call my Elvis period, I could go wherever I wanted. I went down to Soweto and they said 'We're going to put you on the blacklist because you're stirring apartheid.' So I said 'Put me at the top because I'm going in to see the people' and I did and it was awesome.

Words to live by.