If Bossa Studios' Decksplash Fails to Get 100K Players This Week, It Gets Cancelled

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Decksplash, a game that looks like Splatoon but skateboards, is set to have its fate decided over the course of the next week. Developed and published by Bossa Studios, the team behind I am Bread and Surgeon Simulator, the game is currently available free on Steam for one week. If it gets over 100,000 players during this free week, it'll be released in early access. Fewer players than that, and the game will be cancelled.

Sure, it's a marketing move to try and get people interested in the game, but Bossa does seem to have put some thought into the nature of this test. As an online multiplayer-focused title from an independent studio, the health of Deck Splash is going to depend on the size of its audience at launch. By gauging the interest for the title, and getting a decent number of people playing in the run up to early access launch, Bossa seems to be hoping it can cultivate a strong online community of players.

I gave the game a quick look this morning, and it's pretty fun. Grind on rails, do tricks, paint the floor your team's colour when you land, and repeat. It's fast and frantic, and there were enough people playing that I found a match with relative ease. The game has until November 10th to hit its player target, so only time will tell what happens to it.