Nintendo's Giving Us New Style Boutique For the Holidays

By Mike Fahey on at

Technically, Nintendo is giving us the opportunity to purchase New Style Boutique: Styling Star on the 3DS on 24 November and not just giving it to us, but it’s a joyous gift nonetheless.

New Style Boutique: Styling Star is the latest game in Nintendo’s secret best series ever. I am completely serious here. I really enjoy shopping for fashion, stocking a shop and putting together outfits for my clientele, even if the game steadfastly refuses to let me create a large bearded man as my avatar.

This time around our inner stylist, along with doing the whole opening a boutique thing, will be acting as a style consultant for a production company, shaping the careers of young stars through fashion. We’ll be able to set up our own fashion brands, visit other players’ stores online and unlock new characters, game modes and perks with Amiibo brand plastic statues.

Excited? Check out the official store page for more info, or download the demo, available right now.