Everything That Happened at Sony's Paris Games Week Conference

By Keza MacDonald on at

Gamescom is still by far the biggest video game show in Europe in terms of attendees, but Paris Games Week is where Sony has chosen to make its announcements in the past couple of years — possibly because PlayStation gets to own the show, rather than sharing the stage. Instead of diving right into the E3-style press conference bombast, we started with a panel-show format featuring Sony faces from YouTube and their studios chatting about some new trailers and gameplay, mostly for smaller and VR titles — then came the media showcase, which was the usual big fancy show. We watched through it all to bring you the essential info.

Some of the key games: Sucker Punch's new Ghost of Tsushima, Spelunky 2 (!), Detroit: Become Human, God of War, The Last of Us: Part 2, and more. Here's everything that happened.

      • Next there was a moody trailer for the Hong Kong Massacre, a top-down action game also slated for 2018, which I thought for one hopeful minute might be Sleeping Dogs.
      • Something a little more wholesome: a "surreal story of friendship", an animated puzzle game starring two kids and featuring time-altering powers. The Gardens Between is out late 2018.

    • A release date for LocoRoco 2 remastered, in 4K: December 9. What a joyous game.

      • The Sims 4 will be replete with most of its free PC expansion content when it comes to Ps4 in November.
      • There was a very quick teaser trailer for Tennis World Tour, a realistic tennis sim out next year. Apparently some of the Top Spin 4 devs are involved.

    • Ultrawings VR is coming to PlayStation VR next year, as is a cool-looking, high-speed rollerblade racing game that will definitely make me sick: Sprint Vector.
    • Moss, the mouse dungeon adventure you may remember from E3, is out February next year. There was also a vague trailer for stylish sci-fi adventure Star Child, but no date.

    • As we already know, there's some free DLC for Resident Evil 7 coming in December, starring Chris Redfield. It's called Not a Hero, involved some unexpected F-bombs and here's what it'll look like:

    • Kotaku favourite Dead Hungry is coming to PSVR as well: it's a game where you serve burgers to hungry zombies. That's out tomorrow. The next PSVR game looks really interesting: a horror game where sound illuminates your dark surroundings, called Stifled. It looks genuinely shit-scary and is out tomorrow.

    • League of War: VR Arena is also out on PSVR on November 7 — it's like if one of those little war strategy tables from almost any sci-fi film in history were playable.
    • Oh, good old weird Square Enix is here with (of course) the Final Fantasy XV spin-off VR fishing game, Monster of the Deep. That's a standalone game, in case you're a huge fish-fan who never got around to playing XV, and it's a hell of a lot more full-featured than I expected. We also saw some more of the long-awaited Episode Ignis, which is finally out on December 13.

        • A trailer for yet another PlayStation VR game: Invector, a rave-y VR game that looks like a mix between Amplitude and Thumper on the rhythm-action scale.
        • Another small game announcement: Oure, a flying dragon puzzle game that's out right now on the PlayStation Store.
        • SURPRISE, it's a Spelunky sequel! I was not expecting this. Starring the little daughter of the original wee spelunker, it's... a sequel that we know nothing about yet. But look at the cute trailer!

      • The media showcase stage show began with a gorgeous-looking samurai game that's like the dream version of all the games I played obsessively on the PS2: Ghost of Tsushima, from Sucker Punch. We've been wondering what they've been up to.

    • Sony's Jim Ryan pays the usual lip-service to developers big and small on PS4, before talking a bit about PlayLink, the tech that lets you play on a PS4 with a smartphone instead of a controller. One of the games shown off for that was the very realistic-looking, mysterious, Until-Dawn-flavoured narrative game Erica.

    • Then there's another new game, in which you play a bullied boy whose a magical paintbrush can bring astonishing colour to the rather drab city around him, drawing whatever you like on the sides of buildings and seeing it come to life. It's called Concrete Genie and I am very intrigued.

    • A PlayStation VR showreel showed a lot of the games we just saw in the pre-show, among a few others; happily, it's clear that Sony's not remotely done with PSVR yet. One of them's a British action game starring a distinctly less posh James Bond type (I mean, his name is Ryan) called Blood & Truth.

    • A series of trailers show Far Cry 5, Monster Hunter World, Call of Duty WWII and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, all of which have some PS4-exclusive feature or content or other. Here's the coolest, in my very subjective opinion: Horizon Zero Dawn costumes for MH World. There was also a very quick teaser for COD WWII's January expansion: The Resistance.

    • Here is Codemasters' chaotic-looking Onrush, a new reveal that looks like a mad combo of Burnout, Trails and Micro Machines.

    • Another look at the new Spider-Man game, which still looks extremely promising, was followed by an extended trailer for Detroit: Become Human, Quantic Dream's new game. It featured Many Emotions, Many Choices, and a robot maid slowly coming to self-awareness, rescuing a little girl from her abusive father. It's pretty effective, honestly, though after Beyond: Two Souls my skepticism about the actual game will only be allayed by playing it.

    • Sony showed a little bit more of three games we already know a lot about: God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn's wintry expansion Frozen Wilds, and the new Shadow of the Colossus remake. Of the latter, we saw a good portion of a Colossus battle versus the flying desert dragon creature. It looks a hell of a lot better than it did 12 years ago, lemme tell ya.
    • The last game on the docket was — praise be! — The Last of Us Part 2, which I really didn't expect to see tonight. It's a pretty graphic trailer, by which I mean it's violent as heck, though it does also have pretty graphics.

Aaaand that's all. 2018 is looking pretty rosy for PlayStation, on that evidence. We'll have more news from Paris Games Week as it happens, till then: au revoir.