Concrete Genie Makes You Wish it Was Real

By Rich Stanton on at

Prepare for your heart to melt! Concrete Genie is an upcoming game where the comparisons might seem easy — de Blob, Okami, Jet Set Radio even — but in truth it doesn't really seem like any of them. You play a young boy named Ash who, from the looks of the trailer, is picked on by some nasty boys that live in the same town as he does. But when they're not around, Ash can paint the drab environments in vivid colours and bring something to life in the walls.

The trailer shows that Concrete Genie is at bottom a puzzle game, with the genies being used to bypass various environmental hazards. But there are also hints of a melancholy note here, particularly in the way one comforts Ash after he's been picked on. Such an unusual premise could go any number of ways, but I'll certainly be keeping an eye on this.