A Glimpse at the Resident Evil TV Show That Never Was

By Rich Stanton on at

A few years back, a Resident Evil TV show called 'Arklay' was in pre-production. Ultimately it wasn't released, but now director Shawn Lebert seems to be trying to revive interest in the project. Lebert's released a ten minute short called 'Dave' that introduces the spinoff's main cast, spotted by PCGamesN, alongside a website that raises a few more questions.

While there's no Resident Evil branding anywhere in sight, nor indeed the Arklay name, the ending leaves little doubt what we're looking at. And if you don't have time to watch? My summation would be that the games have always contained plenty of scenery chewing, a tradition that carries over to Arklay, and it may be that the show's cancellation is not that great a loss. Resident Evil's wider popularity is such that you can't imagine this will be the last attempt to turn it into a TV series. But maybe next time we'll get Barry Burton.

The website contains several documents that are presumably part of the show's background. It asks for a username and password before setting you a minor challenge, and all three are relatively easy to work out if you view the short. Stop reading now if you want to work them out yourself! But if you can't be bothered, here are the answers.

Username: dave

Password: grimrasputin

Anagram: paradigmindustries