How to Jump Really, Really Far in Super Mario Odyssey

By Chris Kohler on at

By combining the powers of Mario and Cappy, you can get a lot of extra hang time in Super Mario Odyssey, perfect for clearing those extra-long gaps—and for going where you’re not “supposed” to be. Here's a video guide to help you get the most out of the plumber's legendary leap:

In case you don't want to watch the above vid, I also break down how to jump really, really far in screens below:

Ever since Super Mario 64, Mario’s always had a long jump that gets him maximum horizontal distance. In Super Mario Odyssey, you can pull this off by getting a running start, holding either trigger button, and pressing A.

Once you’re in the air, you can interrupt the long jump by throwing Cappy by hitting Y.

Now, let go of the trigger button (you can let go of this at any time after you started the long jump), then depress the trigger again, then tap Y, and Mario will dive forward. He’ll actually be snapped directly to Cappy’s location in the air, so you don’t have to aim this.

Mario will then bounce off of Cappy, and keep moving forward! If you need even more distance, you can interrupt this jump by throwing Cappy again, then dive again (making sure to unpress and repress the trigger). Of course, this time, when Mario hits Cappy’s hat, he passes through it instead of bouncing off of it, bringing your airtime to a close.

In addition to this move, you can also use Cappy to get a wee bit of extra manoeuvrability when you’re attempting to do a standing jump to a high platform, letting you get up onto things you otherwise could not.

A good way (although not the only way!) to get vertical height is the crouching backflip. Depress the trigger while standing still, then press A, and Mario will leap quite high into the air, with only a little bit of backwards movement. If this ledge were a little lower, this would be enough to get him up there! But it’s not.

After you jump, you can then press A again to wall-jump off of the wall you want to climb. 

This gives Mario enough vertical movement that his feet are now above the top of the wall! The only problem is that he’s now moving fast in the wrong direction, and can’t reverse his trajectory in time to make it on top.

It’s time to call on Cappy again. Turn around in the air and throw Cappy with Y so he’s on top of the platform.

Now hold the left trigger and press Y again to dive to Cappy’s location. Success! Now we can climb this tower.

Finding any other useful, hidden combinations of moves in Super Mario Odyssey? Let us know.