Look At These Little Hanzo And Genji Action Figures

By Mike Fahey on at

Now that Tracer, Mei and Mercy have been transformed into adorable action figures by Good Smile Company, it’s the guys’ turn. Brothers-at-odds Hanzo and Genji Shimada join the big-headed battle next year. Look at Hanzo’s little beard!

Seriously, the beard is the best. While the Hanzo Nendoroid figure’s expressions capture the seriousness of the former leader of the Shimada clan, his tiny patch of facial hair renders him immensely snuggle-able. And check out those arm tattoos!

The figure includes a bow and arrow, of course, with transparent bits to help recreate his Dragonstrike ultimate.

Genji has no facial hair, because he is a cybernetic ninja. Do not hold it against him. Besides, what he lacks in personality he makes up for in poseability, featuring a unique double-jointed neck that makes him more flexible than the Nendoroids that came before him.

I particularly enjoy the translucent dragon accessory. It really sets off the muted beige, silver and brown colour scheme. Plus, it makes him all sorts of useful.

Both Hanzo and Genji will be around £49.99 and will be available starting August 2018.