Xbox One's Next Big Update is Now Rolling Out

By Kim Snaith on at

The next time you turn on your Xbox One, there will likely be a fairly sizeable update waiting for you. The creatively-named 'Fall Update' began rolling out yesterday, and with it comes a handful of nice changes.

The most obvious is the look of the Xbox dashboard. It's cleaner looking, with your customisable pins now easier to access. Menus have been changed up too, and perhaps most importantly, it's altogether more responsive. Good job, Microsoft.

The update comes in time for the launch of the Xbox One X next month. Some games will begin to allow you to download 4K content, so if you're using an external hard drive you can prepare a bunch of Xbox One X-enabled games ready for its release on 7th November.

Having installed the update myself last night, it really is a big improvement. I'm enjoying having a little more room to personalise my home screen, and navigating without annoying lag is a major bonus. So far no games are giving me the option to update with 4K content, but hopefully they should start dripping through in the next couple of weeks.

I'll let Major Nelson explain the update in more detail for you in his video below. There's also a breakdown of changes on his official blog.