Sony is Publishing a Game on Nintendo Switch

By Kim Snaith on at

No, you didn't read that wrong. Sony, creator of the PlayStation, is set to release a game on Nintendo Switch, a competing platform.

The game in question is Tiny Metal, a cartoonified army strategy game, and it's being published by Unties, a new game label that's been created by Sony Music Entertainment. Yes, Sony, a company that already has a major game publishing division, is now using its music publishing arm to publish games. Hey, whatever works I guess.

Nevertheless, Tiny Metal will be coming to PlayStation 4, PC and Switch. Sony may be outstretching its arms to longstanding rival Nintendo, but there's no love for Microsoft - at least, not just yet. Unties is set to publish more games though - with Last Standard and Merkava Avalanche so far announced, and both are coming to 'unnamed consoles'.