Pixar's Cars Gets Real and Freaky In Japan 

By Brian Ashcraft on at

This is a Suzuki Twin with a deeply disturbing “smile bumper” (スマイルバンバー or sumairu banpaa) that probably should not exist. But yet, it does.

While I’ve never seen one in real life here in Japan, these bumpers do sometimes pop up in online auctions.

[Image: masa_aoyagi]

[Image: masa_aoyagi]

[Image: Yahoo! Auctions]

They appear to be made in Saitama, Japan, so for now, the smile bumpers might be coming out of a single custom body shop.

They have been spotted on Twitter and Instagram.

Image: pu_ri.n

Image: shu103death

Image: sakamoto_shizuka

Image: pu_ri.n

So, it seems, this isn’t a widespread trend and THANK GOD FOR THAT.