Dead Rising 4's Free DLC Sees Frank West Wedge Himself Into Cammy's Leotard

By Rich Stanton on at

Back in the day, we weren't so keen on Dead Rising 4. But, since release, Capcom Vancouver has continued to support the title, which has had various DLC being released on PC, Xbox One,  and will shortly hit PS4 in the form of Frank's Big Package, a 'complete' edition with a fabulous name.

One inclusion, which will also arrive as free DLC for existing owners of the game, is the 'Capcom Heroes' costume pack. The first thing the DLC, which adds new costumes and moves for use in the main campaign, gets right is Frank himself, who was a bit too Bear Grylls in the original DR4 for my taste, but is here restored to his former pudgy glory with the Classic Frank look.

Frank can also squeeze into Cammy's leotard, which is quite a sight, and start executing her special moves on the zombie hordes. He can whack on a Mega Man suit and send charge shots through the crowd. The Dante costume brings in some SSStylish moves and, absolutely best of all, Ghost Trick's Sissel is present and fights zombies by whacking them with possessed objects (such as a washing machine). My question is how can you even die as Sissel? There's surely only one winner in a zombie vs ghost fight.

The trailer's below.

The sharp-eyed amongst you will note that the costume selection screen lists 17 costumes total, so there are clearly more delights to be revealed. Fingers crossed for God Hand's Gene (some hope). There's also a glimpse at Frank's notebook where he can collect trivia on old Capcom games, which includes titles like Darkstalkers, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Okami and Ace Attorney. Frank on all fours in an Amaterasu onesie? Yes please Capcom.

Capcom Heroes will be available December 5th, the same day as Frank's Big Package.