Arms is Getting a Big Update and a New Fighter

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you didn't watch the Nintendo World Championships this weekend, you may have missed a couple of little tidbits of Nintendo-focused news dropped in between rounds of competitive play. Probably the most notable was the news that Arms is getting yet another free content update, complete with a new character addition.

Version 3.2, which currently does not have a release date, will bring achievement-style badges to Arms which will activate when you reach in-game milestones. It's currently unclear if they'll unlock retroactively or not. I sure hope so, considering how deep into the game I currently am.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse of Mecha Spring Man, a mechanical version of the game's cover art star, coming to the game with the new update.

The trailer also does a really cool zoom in on Twintelle's buttocks. You know. For science or something. Does becoming an Arms fighter effect your glutes? Let's find out together by studying this trailer.

While no date was given for version 3.2, Arms updates usually drop fairly shortly after they're announced so we should not have too long to wait.