Learn Game Programming With a Japanese Maid

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Want to learn Unity? What about make a game in VR? Recently, seminars were held in Japan that taught first-timers programming — with the help of Japanese maids.

Maids, of course, are iconic figures in Japanese nerd culture. There are maid cafes serving drinks and countless maid characters in manga, anime, and video games.

Image: Made In Made Family Project

Tokyo-based programming school Gifted Academy started up what it’s calling the “Made In Made Family Project.” According to the official site, “Sweet maids are better than an unreasonable boss.”

Image: Made In Made Family Project

The idea is that maids will help those with social communication issues, helping participates feel more comfortable talking and sharing what they’ve learned with the help of maids, instead of passively listening to a lecture.

Image: Made In Made Family Project

This month Gifted Academy held several programming with maids sessions, with the fee costing 2,000 yen (around £13) for the three hour course.

This seems inevitable. If people can lift weights with maids or play video games with them, no doubt some company was eventually going to teach programming with them.