The Alan Partridge-Inspired Video Game That Never Was

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you're a fan of Alan Partridge, you may remember an episode of the show in which the titular character tried repeatedly to pitch TV shows to the BBC, with little or no success. As the eventual punchline, he gave up and pitched a show called Monkey Tennis.

Like many Partridge fans, author of 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed) Nate Crowley loved the idea, and created a pitch and artwork for a fictional video game version for inclusion in the book. Click the image for the bigger version.

Sadly, Monkey Tennis eventually had to be pulled from the final book over legal worries using BBC intellectual property. "I’ve sort of created my whole own fictional history of gaming, indeed a fictional world in which all these games are real, and in this world, Partridge pitched Monkey Tennis to EA, who made it, and it was an absolute smash success, making him an overnight millionaire," says Crowley. "We had artwork and everything for it. It was really lovely, but yeah, it was decided we couldn’t use Partridge’s likeness in that way."

You can read more about the book in our interview with Crowley here.