Wolfenstein and Doom are Both Coming to Nintendo Switch Over The Next Year

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Since the Switch launced back in March this year, it hasn't had a huge number of either 3rd party or 18+ rated games released for it - but following last night's Nintendo Direct, it looks like Switch owners' luck might be changing on that front.

Bethesda is bringing a pair of modern FPS ports to the Switch in the not-too-distant future. The 2016 hit Doom is getting ported to the Switch before the end of 2017, including all current multiplayer DLC in a day one update. The Switch will also be getting a part of Wolfenstein 2: The New Collossus some time in 2018. It's a shame it won't be day and date with the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions in October 2017, but it's reassuring to know both titles can run suitably on the Switch.

While both of these ports are exciting, I hope that over time we see some release date parity for the Switch versions of AAA titles. Going forward, long waits for ports will make the Switch feel like a second-tier choice for third-party games.