Everything That Happened in the Latest Nintendo Direct

By Keza MacDonald on at

The September 13th Nintendo Direct was a bumper 45-minute one, with a quick barrage of release dates for games new and familiar on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS and extended looks at four spotlighted games. It was light on major announcements, but there was a lot of energy in the presentation, which rattled through game after game. Mario Odyssey was the pick of the bunch, but actually there were a lot of cool-looking things in this presentation - if you ask me, Nintendo has more buzz around it now than it has had for years.

If you were asleep at midnight when it aired, here's everything that happened.

-Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon (is it just me or could Nintendo just not be bothered to come up with creative names for these?) has new map areas (a beach and a very cute valley of Pikachu were shown) and some new cosmetic options for characters, including a fetching Pikachu outfit. The first hour of the game will be slightly different, too, as you'll encounter your first Pokemon in a different way.

-Pokemon Gold and Silver are out on Sept 22 on 3DS Virtual Console. You get a Celebi for Pokemon Sun/Moon/Ultra if you buy them. In Europe, we're also getting limited-edition boxed versions of them, which is pretty cool, even if it is literally just an empty box:

-New Ultra Beasts UB Burst and UB Assembly feature in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon respectively. They're out November 17.

-A new Pokéball-themed edition of the Nintendo 2DS will be released on November 17. Here's what it looks like:

-Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga has been remade for Nintendo 3DS, with a new behind-the-scenes mode that tells the tale of Bowser's Minions. That's out October 6th, with two new amiibo:

-Kirby Battle Royale is like Smash Bros, if it only featured Kirby. It's out 3rd November.

-Layton's Mystery Journey, which stars Professor Layton's daughter, was briefly shown off - that's out October 6th.

-Okay, not even kidding, but the New Style Boutique games are actually kind of awesome. The new one puts you back in the expensive shoes of a stylist on 24th November.

-Minecraft is out on New Nintendo 3DS will be released "soon" on eShop, with a boxed version coming later. It has 2 texture packs included.

-A new Mario Party game featuring a compilation of the best 100 minigames from all 10 games in the Mario Party series will be out in January 2018. "We partied like it was 1999: because it was." Thanks, Nintendo Direct, for making me feel old. It doesn't appear to include the board game aspect of typical Mario Party games.

-Metroid: Samus Returns is out tomorrow, in case you'd forgotten

-That gorgeous, nostalgia-baiting Super Nintendo Entertainment System version of the New 3DS XL is out on October 13th. Let's look at it again:

-Time for some RPGs! Atlus' The Alliance Alive is out on eShop in early 2018, and the new Etrian Odyssey V demo is out now.

-We got a quick reminder that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney and Fire Emblem Warriors are out next month.

-Onto the Switch. First up there was an extended spotlight look at Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (out December 1st in both regular and fancy versions), going over the details on everything from the story and world to the combat system. Yay for Scottish voice acting:

-Fan favourite Lyn will be in Fire Emblem: Warriors, which is out October 20th.

-Launch game (and co-op favourite) Snipperclips is getting an expanded version, with new stages and remixes of the old ones. That's out November 10th, as DLC for existing owners.

-Morphies Law (excellent title) is a competitive shooter with shapeshifting robots. It looks bats. It's being released as a console exclusive on Switch this winter.

-Rocket League on Switch is out in winter too. That local multiplayer sounds dangerous to me. I may never play anything else.

-MOBA-style Tencent game Arena of Valo(u)r is getting a beta, also in winter

-Despite myself, I'm tempted to play YET MORE Skyrim on Switch when it comes out on November 17th. Bethesda is also bringing two further ports to Switch in the form of DOOM and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, late this year and next year respectively.

-Nintendo is bringing its oldest arcade games to Switch, beginning with Mario Bros and continuing with Balloon Fight, Pinball and more. These versions are true to the arcade originals, not the NES versions. The Arcade Archives series starts with Mario Bros on September 27th.

-The Zelda: Breath of the Wild Champions amiibo are out November 10th - using them in-game will give you items and special headgear related to their respective Divine Beasts.

-Square Enix is working on a beautiful-looking Switch-exclusive RPG called - wait for it - Octopath Traveller. There's a demo out right now, and it'll come out in 2018. Its astonishing visual style combines 3D and pixel-art in a style that the developer is calling "HD-2D". Take a look:

-Dragon Quest Builders - secretly one of last year's best games - is out on Switch in Spring 2018.

-There was a quick new trailer for Kirby Star Allies (also due in Spring), which was the unnamed Kirby game shown off at E3:

-We end with a quickfire set of release dates; Steamworld Dig 2 is out 21 Sept, Golf Story (a golf RPG that reminds me of the old Game Boy Mario Golf games) is coming in September, Nine Parchments in winter 2017, Battle Chef Brigade before the end of the year, Tiny Metal (an indie Advance Wars), Super Meat Boy Forever in 2018, Lost Sphear from Square Enix on January 23, Sonic Forces on 7th November, Resident Evil Revelations and Revelations 2 on November 28th, and LA Noire on November 14th.

-We got a long spotlight presentation on Mario Odyssey, including some nuggets of new information: we saw two new kingdoms, learned that Peach's tiara is alive and is Mario's hat's sister (!?), and learned about photo mode.

-There's also a new hardware bundle incoming, with cute red JoyCons: