Dragon's Crown Pro Accidentally Revealed Ahead of Tokyo Game Show

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Tokyo Game Show kicks off in just over a week's time, but it seems at least one reveal planned for the show has surfaced online early thanks to an advertising banner set live too soon.

Spotted by the folks at Gematsu, the NicoNico page for Atlus' official TGS livestream briefly featured a banner ad inviting customers to pre-order the limited edition of a title called Dragon's Crown Pro for PS4. Clicking the ad took players to the official Dragon's Crown site, which only mentions PS3 and Vita versions of the game.

It seems like a PS4 port of the game is planned to be revealed during Atlus' TGS Stream on September 24th. Whether the use of the word Pro in the title is a reference to Ps4 Pro support is yet to be determined. All our questions should be answered in a little over a week, so we won't have to hold our breath for long.