Arms is Finally Adding Custom Button Configuration Support

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Nintendo's newest original IP, Arms, is a fighting game that's easy for beginners to pick up, but also has a decent amount of room for top end skill growth. For me, the biggest hurdle to seeing Arms as a viable long-term competitive fighter was its control scheme. They weren't precise enough when using motion, but not laid intuitively enough when using standard controls

Thankfully, as well as adding Nunchuck Clown Lola Pop to the game, Update 3.0 for Arms will be adding full controller remapping when it lands.

This is great news! Not only will it make the game easier for folk like me who didn't like the original button layout, but it also means that players with disabilities can rearrange the inputs to suit their needs more closely. There are buttons on the Switch Pro Controller which go unused when playing Arms, so the room to move some functions to those buttons could be a real help.