Scottish Comedian Limmy Buried His Copy of Overwatch in Glasgow

By Rich Stanton on at

Scottish comedian and internet personality Brian 'Limmy' Limond has always been open about his personal struggles. Despite being one of the early kings of Flash development, Limmy has at times struggled with his mental health, and at one point found himself teetering on the edge of alcoholism. This experience means the man can sniff out trouble, and take steps to remove it from his life.

For what feels like the last six months Limmy has been streaming Overwatch on a regular basis and, while his Zarya's no great shakes (and let's not even mention his Lucio), he seemed to be having a good time. Perhaps too good a time.

Today Limmy decided enough was enough, signed his copy of Overwatch and buried it somewhere in the UK's grandest city. He kicked the habit.

With an hour the treasure had been found but, the internet being the internet, the finder has yet to come forward.

It's always sad when someone can't control their own gaming habits and it takes over. Luckily my copy of Rocket League is digital so I'll never be able to get rid of it, and can just vegetate as it nibbles away my so-called life. I'll miss catching the odd moment of Limmy's Overwatch streams, but at least we'll always have the play of the century, i.e. Soldier 76 with the voice acting of a weegie washout.

No tactical nuke in Modern Warfare 2, is it, but then again what is.