The Plot of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Is Pure Gamer Dreams

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Since Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes for the Nintendo Switch was revealed late last week, there's been some fun speculation about the plot. We knew it would involve existing indie games somehow, but quite how wasn't made clear by the official trailer. Now, thanks to a press release from Grasshopper Manufacture, we know that the game is basically every teenage gamer's second-most common daydream.

In the game, Travis will be pulled into a game console called the Death Drive MK-II, alongside a character called Badman who came after Travis for revenge. In order to escape, Travis and Badman will have to race to defeat all the video game bosses inside the console, as well as clashing with each other, with familiar No More Heroes gameplay.

We know that one of the video game characters included in Travis Strikes Back is Shovel Knight, which does leave me wondering how brutally Travis's murders will be. How much blood will Yaught Club allow to flow from their cute hero? I'm hoping for a bunch. Let's do this!