The Internet Reacts to Sonic Forces' Persona 5 Costume

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Maybe you forgot that Atlus, the creators of Persona, are now owned by Sega, the makers of Sonic. Well, the internet got a terrible reminder of this fact recently, and it’s hilarious.

Sonic Forces, the next 3D Sonic game, will have an OC that's dressed the protagonist of Persona 5. The “Joker” costume on its own doesn’t look too bad, I don’t think, except that it’s weird as hell to see a glove-less hedgehog in a Sonic game. Okay, maybe it’s strange to see such a dapper hedgehog, too. Mostly, though, the internet seems to be riffing on the idea that this is actually Akira’s fursona, not Persona:

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