The Nintendo Switch Keeps Outselling the PS4 in Japan

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Of course the Nintendo Switch is doing better than the PS4 in Japan, you might say. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Rather, in each console’s first 26 weeks on sale in Japan, the Nintendo Switch posted significantly better sales numbers than the PS4 did.

Previously, Kotaku has reported how the Nintendo Switch was doing versus the PS4 in Japan (here and here). Now, via 2ch, let’s look at how the two consoles stack up in their first 26 weeks on sale in the country, with sales figures from respected retail tracker MediaCreate.

The character 週 in the far left common means “week.” So 1週 is the “first week,” 2週 is the “second week,” and so on.

Here are some charts, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Image: 2ch

Image: 2ch

The total sales for the PS4 in its first 26 weeks on sale in Japan is 665,760 units sold. The PlayStation 4 has been a very successful console for Sony in Japan with healthy sales.

The Switch’s sales figures are healthier. In its first 26 weeks on sale in Japan, the Nintendo Switch has sold 1,527,962 units. In comparison, it took Sony 69 weeks in Japan to hit 1,523,471 units sold.

Remember, this is a race and not a marathon. Sony has proven itself more than capable of releasing game hardware that continues to rack up sales in the long run. But so has Nintendo.