Super Mario Maker Player's Reaction After Beating His 'Impossible' Level Is Euphoric

By Heather Alexandra on at

A Super Mario Maker streamer working for over twenty days in game to design and complete an “impossible” level has finally defeated his own creation. Failstream uploaded his level last night after over 100 hours of recorded playtime.

Super Mario Maker requires level creators to beat their levels before uploading them to the rest of the community. Failstream is a Super Mario Maker streamer who has spent more than a year designing a level so difficult that he wasn’t able to finish it.

"When I was creating it I had not actually thought that it was going to take me as long as it did,” Failstream told Kotaku vis Discord. “As I kept building though and kept coming up with new and different tricks the difficulty got away from me and it became the behemoth it is today.”

“Fail’s Flotilla: Final Flight” is an exhausting test of platforming and endurance. It requires players to juggle objects like bombs and Koopa shells in order to leap over or blow up obstacles. It also tasks them to fly through the stage using a cape, avoiding Fire Flower powerups and enemies that can remove their ability to fly. Failstream practiced the stage for a total of 115 hours, 33 minutes, and 10 seconds before completing it.

Failstream initially chatted with viewers through his attempt, casually discussing new strategies and level design ideas. Halfway through the level, the attempt turned serious as he began to clear obstacle after obstacle. When he reached the goal, Failstream reacts with a mixture of pure joy and tears.

“I fucking did it,” he yells. “It’s over, it’s over. I fucking won. It’s done.”

“Is this a dream?” one member of chat asks. “Fail, you are the God!”

Failstream promptly uploaded the level. The course ID is 154E-0000-0358-C2FB. If you think you’ve got what it takes to clear the course and have half a month of free time to spend, give it a try.

“There were absolutely times that I got discouraged,” he said. “My philosophy when playing levels like this though is that every death and failure brings me that much closer to winning.”

Failstream also told Kotaku that he plans to take a nap.