The Internet Has A 'Cringe' Problem, And It Hurts Kids The Most 

By Patricia Hernandez on at

Being vulnerable and honest on the internet is difficult enough for most of us, but for kids, living a life online can be hellish. Grown-ass adults love to bully naive kids online, and it happens all the time.

In the latest episode of Fave This, a new podcast/YouTube show hosted by Gita Jackson and me, we talk about how the internet treats children like garbage, often for no reason at all. You’ve probably seen it firsthand: things often go to shit the second a kid says something in a voice chat. We talk about the many ways grown-ups act like arseholes online and how that harms real people. We also discuss the merits of shitposting, the fight over what’s acceptable in Twitch chat, and what happens when a fandom gets too big.

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