6 Games That Advocate Peaceful Discussion With Nazis

By Laura Kate Dale on at

A lot of people have been discussing recently how to respond to a rise in far-right ideology across the UK and America, so we wondered whether video games might have any solutions to offer. Considering how often we've seen people arguing about the morality of violence against Nazis, we thought we would highlight our favourite games that advocate peacefully talking to a Nazi and explaining why their desire to ethnically cleanse entire populations isn't cool. In no way do all these video games advocate forcefully standing up to Nazis. Nope. No way.


6. Call of Duty: World at War

In 2008's World at War, players are encouraged to fight their way through fields of Nazis, only to end the game by entering a branching conversation where you talk them down from their harmful beliefs and they end up becoming advocates for civil rights.

Wait, no; my editor is telling me that's not actually how the game ended. You end the game by continuing to kill Nazis and aggressively fight to keep them from resurfacing. Well, back to the drawing board.

5. Sniper Elite V2

In 2012's Sniper Elite V2 you play an army soldier in World War 2, tasked with using his gun to shoot anti-Nazi pamphlets so that they land at the feet of hateful people, who promptly pick them up, read them, and change their ways.

Wait... that's not right either? You actually shoot a lot of heavily armed Nazis? You even shoot Hitler, destroying one of his testicles? I can't work out why my memory of video game Nazis is so fuzzy.

4. The Saboteur

At the end of The Saboteur, an exquisitely sensitive depiction of occupied Paris during World War 2, Irish hero Sean talks all the Nazis down from their horrible beliefs and they all hang themselves from the Eiffel Tower.

Nope... no, actually, he shoots them all, and then shoots their leader. DAMMIT.

3. Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich

In Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich, you play a time traveller who ends up in Nazi Germany. In typical tactical-RPG fashion, you use each turn to move closer to a Nazi with the aim of calmly explaining to them that being a Nazi is bad. Oh, wait, that isn't quite right either. You show them how to stop being Nazis by fighting them in the streets.

Well, this list is stumping me. Every time I think I've found a game that advocates conversation as a way to end Nazism, the game throws an unexpected curveball and instead tasks the player with fighting the Nazis. So much for the tolerant left.

2. Bloodrayne 2

Here we go, a game with a female protagonist, maybe now we'll get som— ohdammit. She kills her Nazi father. Because he's a Nazi. Urgh.

Okay, right. One more chance.

1. Wolfenstein - Dialogue 3-D

Okay, this is the big one. Wolfenstein is the game series that everyone thinks of when it comes to dealing with Nazis. Surely this has to be it. Maybe this B.J. Blazkowicz fellow will be the level-headed hero I need.

No? He shoots them all on sight too? Well, at least this mod has the right idea. Based on id's open source HTML 5 port of Wolfenstein, Dialogue 3-D lets you shoot and stab Nazis for a while, but eventually begins to spam you with dialogue boxes asking if you'd be better off calmly explaining the problems with their beliefs rather than harming your cause by being just as bad as them.

Hm. Well, at least one piece of entertainment in our medium advocates for calm, peaceful explanation of the pitfalls in Nazi rhetoric as a solution to far right terrorist extremism. It's almost like all the others teach us that Nazis respond better to certain kinds of stimuli than others. I did Nazi that coming.