Nintendo Switch Bending Problems Are Still a Thing

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Earlier this year, there were English language reports of the Nintendo Switch warping and bending. Now, there are similar reports from Japan.

In the spring, NeoGAF noticed the issue as did Twitter and Reddit users. This was just one of the early hardware problems, and with all those issues, it’s still hard to say how widespread this is.

Kotaku has since reached out to Nintendo regarding the Switch warping, but has yet to hear back.

When asked about this problem online, Nintendo support replied, “If you’re having issues where the Nintendo Switch appears bent or warped, please contact us so we can get that taken care of for you. You can contact us at Nintendo Support, where we can get a repair started for you!”

Switch owners in Japan have been noticing the same warping issue.

This Twitter user claims the Switch was warped only four days after purchase. Below are more photos of bent Switches.

Image: 速報@保管庫(Alt)

Which must be even more annoying considering the difficulty of getting the hardware in Japan.

Since Nintendo can’t just patch in a fix, this issue will obviously take time to solve.