Company is Designing a Nintendo Switch Projector Dock

By Laura Kate Dale on at

One of my favourite things about the Switch is the system's portability — the ability to take HD games with me on the go and play them on the commute is brilliant. I've fallen into a routine of picking up any multi-platform releases I can on the Switch, just because taking games on the go is so convenient for my routine.

Still, playing the Switch on a big screen can still be a little bit of a hassle when travelling. A lot of hotel TVs don't support external USB devices, and that makes playing games like The Jackbox Party Pack in a hotel room with friends a slightly cramped experience as we all huddle around the small handheld screen.

However, a device is in the works that looks like it could be the perfect solution. The Ojo is a Switch dock and projector combo, aimed at making big screen Switch gaming viable when you're away from home.

The device manufacturer claims it features a 120-inch equivalent 200 lumens screen, stereo speakers, a built-in 20,000mAh lithium battery, and a bunch of input and output ports. The built in battery, in particular, is interesting, as it suggests the device can be used without access to a mains socket, giving around four hours of play time.

It's important to note that the company behind the projector dock — Yesojo, based in Shenzen, China — don't have much of a visible track record, but they have shared images of a working prototype of the device. They'll be seeking crowdfunding support later this year to start producing the device.