Swery65's Next Game is Going to be Revealed at PAX Seattle. Please be Deadly Premonition 2. Pretty Please

By David Meikleham on at

Hidetaka 'Swery65' Suehiro is back making video games, and suddenly all is right with the world again. The creator of the wonderfully shitty/weirdly amazing Deadly Premonition opened up a new studio back in January (called White Owls) and it won't be long until you get your first look at his latest game.

As VG 24/7 spotted, Jason Howely (of Mega64 fame) recently tweeted Swery65 will appear as part of a panel he's chairing at the upcoming PAX Seattle, which is being held between September 1-4.

It's not clear how much of Suehiro's new game will be shown at the event, but here's hoping whatever type of title it ends up being, it involves a ruminating, superbly cheesy FBI agent.