Nintendo Sued Over Switch Joy-Con Design

By Laura Kate Dale on at

If you've ever browsed UK gaming retail stores, there's a good chance at one time or another you've seen a cheap android tablet with controllers bolted onto the sides, sat behind a sales counter. These devices, some of which are made by American accessory manufacturer Gamevice, have been floating around for over half a decade now.

Gamevice are now suing Nintendo, who they allege stole the idea for the Switch's detachable controllers from the Wikipad line of products.

The short version of the lawsuit: Gamevice believes it was first to come up with the idea of a tablet-style device which could be connected to optional controllers resting on either side of the screen. Gamevice claims that the Switch's core concept, particularly the way the Joy-Cons attach and detach from the screen, comes too close to their product.

This lawsuit overlooks some key differences between the devices. The Wikipad line doesn't allow you to play games on the tablet then dock it to play on the TV, for example. The detachable controllers are the focus of Gamevice's claim.

Neither Gamevice nor Nintendo have commented publicly on the lawsuit. We'll update this story if either company responds.