Introducing Our New News Editor, Laura Kate Dale

By Rich Stanton on at

Good morning, readers! I bring great news. After a long search it is a pleasure to introduce Kotaku UK's new News Editor, Laura Kate Dale, who joins us after several years as a freelancer and running her own site, Let's Play Video Games. It says everything about Laura's track record that last year, while having a beer with an old colleague and discussing scoopsters, he put his glass down and said "who is Laura Kate Dale?" This is Laura Kate Dale.

Laura has a great instinct for newsgathering, follows up on reports like Beelzebub's own bloodhounds, and brings a wide-ranging interest in the games scene to Kotaku UK. Myself and Keza MacDonald are delighted and excited to have her on board, and can't wait to work with her. Here's what Laura has to say:

Well, isn't this exciting?

I've been excitedly sat on this news for a little while now, but today is my first day as News Editor at Kotaku UK. Three years from minimum wage supermarket store assistant to Editor at a major gaming site has been a pretty wild ride.

So, who am I? I've spent the last years as a freelance games critic, written for pretty much every gaming publication under the sun, and have a passion for digging down to the stories PR teams are not eager to talk about.

I love weird little indie games about sex imps living in Anne Hathaway's mouth, big sprawling JRPGs, and serious in depth discussions of the artistic value of video game character buttock designs.

I'm always looking for interesting stories about games, the people making them, and the stories that happened along the way to store shelves. If you've got a hot scoop, drop me an email or hit me up on Twitter.

I'd like to especially thank the multitalented Matt Wales, who over the past months has helped keep the site running and done great work with humour and grace — he's around for a few days tidying-up loose ends, so do pop into his articles and mention what a fine individual he is.

WOOOOO-OOOOO that's the happy klaxon, as Kotaku UK returns to full force. And you haven't even seen our Super Saiyan form yet. Thanks for reading as always, do say hello to Laura in the comments, and be nice!