Mayo Won Splatfest, But Some Splatoon 2 Players Worry The System Is Broken

By Patricia Hernandez on at

The Splatfest festivities are over and the results are in: mayo may have lost the popular vote, but it still managed to take home the prize. And yet, many salty ketchup players are calling shenanigans.

This is a good chunk of the Splatoon fandom right now:

Photoshop by Heather Alexandra

Splatfest, as many of you know, is an event where players pick a side between two things. From there, players go out into the battlefield, repping their desired vote, and try to win matches for their team. The side with the most votes and win percentages is declared the victor.

You’ll note that ketchup kicked mayo’s ass when it came to votes. Not surprising, really, when you consider that Marina the Octoling was on team ketchup, and everyone loves Marina. The thing is, Marina was so popular that many ketchup players just ended up facing themselves. There were literally not enough mayo players to go around. I participated in Splatfest all day yesterday, and barely ever got into matches against mayo. Instead, I’d estimate that 85% of my matches were against fellow ketchup-ers.

The question is, how does Splatoon 2 take that reality into account? Do the ketchup vs ketchup matches not count toward wins? Do they “count” in a way that cancels itself out, with every match acting as win and a loss at once? Is the game doing some other behind-the-scenes calculus that we’re not privy to? Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Whatever the case, all possibilities are kinda a bummer, even if all of this is in good fun. If you’re on the overwhelmingly popular team, you could have spent all day winning but not actually contributing to your team. Then again, how fair would it be to count same-team matches? Underdogs would never have a chance.

And so, now that the official Nintendo account has called the mayo vs ketchup Splatfest, its Twitter mentions are full of people demanding answers, or at least venting about how unfair the whole thing seems:

For veteran Splatoon players, the results of the latest Splatfest are probably not surprising: unpopular items have a history of winning more matches. So next time around, if you really want to be on the winning team by the end, maybe you should go with the side nobody is voting for instead. Sorry, Marina.