Croc Really Was a [DELETED]

By Rich Stanton on at

During my Buckfast-soaked lunch break, and in an entirely personal capacity, I was having a minor and judicious rant on twitter about HD remasters of rubbish games. You'll never convince me that Crash Bandicoot had to return. I joked that, the way things were going, the Croc Collection was imminent.

I also do children's parties. To my surprise and delight developers Execution Unit replied with this photograph from the end of Argonaut Software. Argonaut was an amazing company that's best known for Starglider and Star Fox, as well as the cancelled-but-soon-to-be-revived Starfox 2It also developed both Croc games but, sadly, its doors closed in 2004 which makes me feel a bit bad for slagging off Croc. But on the way out, someone closer to him clearly had the same idea.

Straight from the horse's mouth, eh? Just remember that when they start calling the games iconic.

Cheers to Execution Unit for the photograph. Their upcoming game looks pretty neat too...