Deadpool is in Marvel Powers United VR, And he's a Quip-Cracking, Headshotting Hero

By David Meikleham on at

As someone who sold their PlayStation VR not two weeks ago, I'm officially done with making my forehead all itchy and uncomfortable wearing a headset for hours on end. If you're still into all those reality-altering shenanigans, though, you may be pleased to know Deadpool is going to be in the upcoming Marvel Powers United VR.

The news of Wade Wilson popping up in the VR co-op adventure was announced via trailer at this weekend's San Diego Comic-Con. Have a cheeky gander below:

That is one baaaaaaad Ryan Reynolds knock-off. Still, all that VR blasting does look kinda fun. If you're interested (and have a stronger stomach than me) IGN also uploaded ten minutes of gameplay captured from the San Diego extravaganza.

Marvel Powers United VR is headed to Oculus Rift at some point in 2018.